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5 Stages Travel

The Five Stages of Travel

Destination websites play in a very competitive space, the purpose of your website should be to show a range of experiences and destinations by offering information on how, when and where to travel and explain who to trust with their holiday (your local operators) with the aim to convert a booking with those operators.’

It is our experience that destination sites and travel brands often fall short of the mark when it comes to the ‘travel life cycle’ and its 5 stages of travel methodology. Namely the booking stage. This we believe is due to a combination of reasons; cost, resources, supply, lack of technical solutions, lack of understanding, and so on.

This proves quite a conundrum as often the destination has the best intentions in wanting to facilitate bookings between their members and visitors, yet do not have the capacity to keep their hard earned visitors on their site in doing so, or the capability to present the real-time member inventory, as well as not being responsible in taking payments, managing bookings or even upsetting other industry entities such as the Local Tourism Organisations and Visitor Information Centres in doing so.