Impart Media provides support to our clients via an established ticketing system.  Please read the important information below to make sure we can assist with your enquiry as fast as possible.


How Do I Submit a Support Request?

If you are an Impart Media client with a Joomla! website, please login to your website's administration console and you'll find an IM Support Desk option on your control panel.  Simply select the Log a Support Request link and follow the prompts.

You may also send support requests with as much information as possible, directly to

When you contact support, an automated email will be sent to your email address to confirm we have received your request.
Please make sure you receive this email - if not, your spam filters may be blocking our emails and you will not receive our support replies.


What Support Requests Can I Submit?

You can send any requests you feel are relevant to your Impart Media website. This includes requests for alterations or enhancements, additional training or bugs that may occur.

If your issue relates to data that is managed in Bookeasy, you will need to contact the Bookeasy support team first.  Common items that need to be reported to Bookeasy are problems with Operators data, images, rates or availability, as they appear in your website.

There is also a quick troubleshooting guide to use, to determine if you may be able to fix the problem easily yourself. Read it here.


When Do I Submit A Support Request?

You can submit support requests 24/7, however keep in mind that they will only be actioned during office hours.  


How Will I Know When My Problem Is Resolved?

When your problem is resolved (or if we need more information) our support team will reply to your ticket, so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox. You can view the status of your tickets by clicking the 'Ticket History' link at the top of this page.


Are There Any Costs Involved?

Impart Media have established Support Packages that clients can purchase in order to receive support. 
If your website is still within it's maintenance period, you will not be required to have support credits active. During the manintenance period, bugs and error fixes that arise will be covered. Please note that if it is determined that the issue is due to the client creating the issue in the site, the issue will be corrected at standard hourly rates of $240 ex GST per hour.

Also note that the prepaid support hour packages are for all support issues with bugs, errors, help with maintaining your console and questions on how to update your CMS and website in general. This does NOT include further development for enhancements, etc.

There are 3 basic support packages on offer:



10 Hours Prepaid Support

$1700 + GST

5 Hours Prepaid Support

$1000 + GST

Casual Plan

Minimum 30 minute increments at $240/hr + GST


How Do I Purchase a Support Package?

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get right on to dealing with your request.


How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Request?

Simple feature questions and support requests are generally answered within 24 hours. More complicated requests might take up to 24-72 hours during weekdays and may require more information from you before we can replicate it and find the cause of the problem.


We're Working As Fast As We Can To Resolve Your Problem - We Promise!

If we take a little longer than normal to reply then it means your problem might be complex or hard to replicate. Rest assured we're working on it though, so there's no need to send another ticket asking how we're going - we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way with constant email replies if we can't get to the bottom of your problem within a reasonable amount of time.


One Request Per Ticket Please 

Our support team can fix multiple problems faster if you submit them one at a time.  If we reply to your ticket with a resolution, instead of replying back with another support request, please open a new ticket instead. 


By submitting this form, I warrant that I am authorised to make the financial and legally binding commitments in purchasing support on behalf of the Company named above.


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