Information and help guides for beDigital clients:

These documents are designed to assist beDigital website users to make the most of their online opportunities. These simple guides aim to give you the answers you want in a quick and straight-forward manner. Download the Guides below:


Getting Started - Your Essentials


Joomla Basics Guide - Volume 1


 download pdf iconWYSIWYG editor buttons explained - Volume 2 

download pdf icon RsForms and SEO - Volume 3    

Further Information

download pdf icon Inserting Images and Media                download pdf icon Updating Banners
download pdf icon Campaign Pages   download pdf icon Hyperlinks and linking to pages
 download pdf icon Managing Packages   download pdf icon Updating Menus        
download pdf icon How specials work   download pdf icon Adding Articles
download pdf icon Operator Data not displaying - troubleshooting   Adding Events